The Pros and Cons of Different Types of Home Flooring



The Pros and Cons of Different Types of Home Flooring

June 1, 2018

The Pros and Cons of Different Types of Home Flooring

If you plan on moving or renovating your house, one of the first things you should consider is the type of flooring. It makes a significant difference regarding value, function, and appearance.

That’s why it’s essential to know what your options are before making any decision. This can also guarantee that you will be able to enjoy your floors for all the years to come. So before anything else, let us help you lay out all your options!


Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of flooring materials.




This has long been one of the top go-to flooring materials. Aside from being comfortable and soft, it also comes in a variety of colors and patterns. It can be said as the most versatile flooring choice–a popular one, for that matter.


Carpets can serve as another layer of insulation and help keep warm or cold drafts from flowing through the floor. As mentioned above, it is indeed the softest of all the types of flooring for homes. Carpets also can help reduce noises and sounds from one floor to the next. When it comes to durability, manufacturers usually give assurances that they last longer with adequate care, like proper cleaning and use.


The primary disadvantage of carpet flooring is precisely the aspect of maintenance. Consistent vacuuming is required–usually every one to two days for high traffic places. In case of spills, they need to be removed instantly to avoid staining and seeping deep into fibers to cause mildew and mold.




Tile flooring can be the perfect solution for your house, especially in high traffic areas. This has always been used for creating a durable, coated surface for both indoor and outdoor environments.


Tiles have a variety of designs and colors that are mostly nature-inspired. They can be grouted to make it more realistic. Tiles are easy to install compared to other kinds of flooring. They are also scratch and stain resistant. Keeping it clean is no sweat. With regular sweeping, mopping and vacuuming, you can maintain this flooring for a long time.


On the other hand, tiled floors can cause an echoing effect that can make rooms noisy. They also tend to get slippery when something liquid is spilled on them. Moreover, their stiff, hard characteristics make them unfit for comfy living areas and aren’t good insulators.




Hardwood flooring is famous for its timeless beauty and durability. Any type that is milled from a piece of lumber–walnut maple, oak, and hickory are the most common kinds of wood.


If you choose to upgrade to hardwood flooring, it will surely add a lot of value to your property. And when they are adequately cared for, they can stay with you for a long time. In case they get worn down a bit, some techniques can restore them to their original glory. Hardwood floors can easily be vacuumed or swept and wiped with an organic wood cleaner.


They can be a bit costly and labor-intensive to install. Also, take note that hardwood floors can cause noise. Each step taken can be heard. And your furry friends? Well, they can slide because they can grip the smooth surface.




Laminate floors are known to be the cheap alternative to tile and wood. It can be glued merely or nailed over a floor.


It is effortless to install! Cleaning up is not such a big deal because of a protective layer, which helps shield the laminate floor from something that can stain easily. Keep it clean with vacuuming and mopping.


Although keeping it orderly is an easy task, laminate flooring can easily be dented and be very slippery too. If there are areas with large scratches, you need to replace them with new ones, unlike tiles where you can replace just a piece.


Even though deciding which kind of floor to go for is a big task, it need not be stressful. As long as you know the ups and downs of each type, you’re good to go! Also, don’t forget to call in a professional cleaning service to make sure your new floors are spotless. They’ll know just what to use for any type of flooring.

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