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Home Organizing Services in Burnsville

Let Us Organize Your Home or Apartment

Do you need a little move-in help? Whether you’re new to the Twin Cities area or are just moving across town, we can help you set up your new home for maximum efficiency and comfort. Our professional home organizing services in Burnsville and Bloomington MN can make quick work of your piles of boxes—in just a short time, we can set up your kitchen, put away clothing, and organize essential spaces so it feels like home. We can do the entire job ourselves or simply be your helping hands. (Please note, we do not move furniture, and boxes must be ready to unload in the correct room. There is no teaching of organizing skills or coaching during this time.) Choose from either a half-day or whole-day move-in session, or contact us for a quote on larger jobs.

Organizing Time-frame

A typical organizing expert could organize a 2,000-square-foot home in about 2.5 days, a job which you alone can do in 3.5 – 4.5 days. What it really depends on is how large the home is, as well as the quantity of stuff in it, what kind of things we have to organize and also how swiftly we can do the work.

The following chart includes estimates the amount of time it would take to organize a home based on the approximate size of the home in square feet. These numbers are based on 1 person organizing with our client assisting the entire time, straight through without stopping. Of course, very few people will organize for upwards of 12 consecutive hours without stopping, so the time it might take your organizing specialist to organize will have to be adjusted for breaks.

Organizing FAQ

How long is an organizing session?

Many organizers won’t work for less than 3 hours since they want you to see results, which will, in turn, make you happy. They know if you’re happy, there’s a likelihood you will hire them again.  Keep in mind that no matter how long you think something will take, chances are it will take longer.  This is because it is more than just the physical task of organizing. The rate at which you make decisions also plays a part in how long it will take. The more decisive you are about keeping vs. letting go of items, the quicker items can be staged for organizing, removal or disbursement elsewhere.

Do you work alone or with others?

Having a well-managed crew will probably mean the work will get done sooner and more efficiently.  Larger jobs, such as unpacking an entire home take more people. A smaller job like organizing a bedroom or closet may just take one organizer.

How do you work with clients who have a lot of sentimental attachments to things?

 Like several other organizing pros, we will not dispose of items without your explicit permission. This is why it is our policy that you are there during your organizing sessions if there are items that have sentimental value.

Will you donate items for me?

This is a great added service.  Often, the very act of removing items from the home is what keeps people stuck in clutter. Don’t fall into the trap of saying, “I will take them myself.”  At the very least make an agreement with yourself and your organizer that if you don’t remove something by a certain date, that you will allow someone to move it for you.