Service Agreement

Customer Feedback: Each of our clients have different needs. We send a follow-up email after the completion of each service asking you how satisfied you are with the service that you received. Please keep us informed of any comments or suggestions you may have. The more specific your feedback is, the better the job our staff and Service Professionals can do for you.

Dynamic Duo Cleaning strives to provide unsurpassed excellence in all of our services! We do not offer refunds on our services, but we do provide all customers with our Dynamic Duo 48 hours Guarantee. All we require is prompt email notification after 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays), and we will return to examine the problem. If the problem involves the quality of service we have rendered, we pledge to correct the issue at no extra charge. To redeem your 48-hour guarantee, please email us at

If you have purchased a service, we can only guarantee that a Service Professional will stay for the estimated amount of time. We cannot guarantee everything on the package that you purchase, will be completed in the estimated amount of time. Therefore, if the problem involves the time needed to complete the service rather than the quality of the service itself, we can only correct the problem if you purchase additional time.

Dynamic Duo Cleaning Observes These Holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. If your regular service lands on one of these holidays, we will reschedule you for another day and notify you one week and one day before your scheduled service. If you are out of town or on vacation during a holiday week, please let our office know as soon as possible. The cancellation policy applies if we do not receive enough notice (read tab “Our Agreement”).

Newsletters: Occasional newsletter emails are sent to our clients, usually monthly. Our newsletters contain essential updates on holiday closures, snow days, exciting home management tidbits, and information on additional services.

Mailing List: Would you like to receive promotional offers and our current specials? It’s easy to join our mailing list! Just send your email address by text message. Text: DYNAMICDUO to 22828 to get started.

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Products: Dynamic Duo Cleaning offers versatile Eco-Friendly and conventional cleaning supplies and HEPA-Certified equipment necessary to clean your home. If you prefer us to use a product we do not carry, then please provide that product, and we will be happy to use it in your home. We cannot, however, guarantee the safety or the results of the products that you offer. If any of the products that you carry contain chemicals, we require to obtain the SDS (safety data sheets) so that our Service Professionals are aware of the risks while using your cleaning product(s). Please ask our office staff if you would like more specific information on our products. No Risk booking policy for hourly services: During a first time service, or if it has been over a month since we’ve last serviced your home, the service will be charged by the hour. If a client purchases our minimum hourly service, our Service Professionals work from your list of priorities and complete as much as possible within the time that you purchase. Priority lists need to be sent to us via email at We encourage our clients to over-book rather than under-book the number of hours for their first service or occasional service in case we need more time. The danger in under-booking is that the service may just be partially completed, and our schedule may not allow us to stay longer. Please be as specific as possible on your priority list to ensure our service fits your needs so we can reserve the time for you. Same Day Cleaning: We charge $60 per laborer hour, and our minimum is 3 labor hours. We pay our Service Professionals time and a half. Nine times out of ten, we request one of our Service Professionals to add on an extra job (work later than scheduled) or even come to work on their day off to accommodate a client. Same Day Carpet & Upholstery Steam-Cleaning: There will be a $60 upcharge to your estimated total. We pay our Service Professionals time and a half. Nine times out of ten, we request one of our Service Professionals to add on an extra job (work later than scheduled) or even come to work on their day off to accommodate a client. We are happy to customize our services, to fit individual needs: Please communicate these needs to our management staff, and we will be glad to accommodate, as long as the requests are for tasks in which we serve. We offer several different types of services tailored to your needs. Below is a list of the tasks performed on each type of cleaning, and how the time is used. Deluxe Cleaning: We highly recommend this service if your furnished home hasn’t been professionally “deep” cleaned in 3+ months and/or before starting with our Basic recurring services so we can remove the heavy build-up from your home before beginning “light” cleaning. Deluxe cleaning is also great for a fresh, Spring cleaning or cleaning before your guests arrive for the holidays. Deluxe cleaning package: Basic Cleaning: This service is perfect for clients who would like us to do a one-time “light” cleaning of their furnished home. We offer Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Tri-Weekly, or Monthly recurring cleaning services, and provide frequency discounts on each of them. We do not require contracts – We believe in earning your business, not forcing it! Basic cleaning package: Move In/Out Cleaning: This service is a “deep” cleaning of an unfurnished home and the customer is moving in or out of the home. Moving is already stressful enough so let us take care of the cleaning! Move In/Out cleaning package: Below, you will see our “Extras”. You have the option to add on any of these extra services with your cleaning package. Extras

  • Heavy Duty
  • Inside Refrigerator
  • Inside Oven
  • Underneath Exhaust Hood
  • Linen Change (furnished homes only)
  • Hand-Wash/Dry/Put Away Dishes (furnished homes only)
  • Inside Windows (Glass Only)
  • Inside Windows Including Tracks
  • Inside/Outside Sliding Glass Door Including Track
  • Inside Window Screen Cleaning
  • Dry-Dust Blinds
  • Wet-Wash Blinds

Specialized Services:

  • Carpet / Upholstery Steam-Cleaning
  • Area Rug Steam-Cleaning
  • Pet Enzyme Urine Treatment & Deodorizer W/ UV Light
  • Spot Treatment
  • Stain Guard by Maxim™ Advanced
  • Residential & Commercial Construction Clean-Up
  • Airbnb / VRBO Cleaning
  • Commercial One-Time & Recurring Services
  • Organizing

Service Times: We have an estimated two-hour arrival window. Please allow for an open time frame rather than exact arrival time. We do our best to be prompt and meet the service time indicated, but the unpredictability of traffic, parking, and other surprises may affect our schedule. If we are going to be more than 45 minutes late, we will contact you. If no arrival time is indicated, then the service will be completed between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. We appreciate your flexibility! Preparation before we come to clean: Deluxe Cleaning: This cleaning package is for fully furnished homes. Please ensure that your home is picked up before our arrival i.e. clothes are put away, dishes are cleared from the sink, surfaces cleared from paper, toys, etc. If the home has not been professionally cleaned in the past 30 days or has excessive buildup, your quote will increase. Basic Cleaning: This cleaning package is for fully furnished homes. Please ensure that your home is picked up before our arrival i.e. clothes are put away, dishes are cleared from the sink, surfaces cleared from paper, toys, etc. If the home has not been professionally cleaned in the past 30 days or has excessive buildup, your quote will increase. Move-In/Out Cleaning: This cleaning package is for fully unfurnished homes. Please ensure all cabinets/drawers are empty. All trash needs to be removed from the home. If there are any furnishings in the home, we will clean around the items. Your quote will not be reduced because we reserve the cleaning time for you. Carpet/Upholstery Steam-Cleaning: Preparation and important information mentioned in the next tab to the right. One-time and initial cleanings are based on estimates of the average build-up of dirt, grime, smudges, crumbs, etc. along with the average amount of clutter in a home. If your home is beyond the average, then more time is needed and we will add on our Heavy Duty cleaning to complete the job. We will do a “heavier duty” cleaning in the areas listed under the cleaning package that you choose. Once we arrive: Any work performed outside of the scope of work such as de-cluttering or organizing will be charged at our hourly rate before starting the actual service. This applies to any situation, which would prevent us from initiating the cleaning process at arrival. If you do not approve of the extra charge, then we will completely avoid the cluttered areas. Pets: We do not mind pets! If your pets become aggressive, we ask that you kennel your pets or put them in a spare room/area that we do not have to clean. Final Walk-Through: Near the ending of your cleaning, we do a final walk-through for quality assurance. We want to make sure that you are completely satisfied before we leave. If you’re not home, we will call you about 30 mins – 1 hour prior to completion for final walk-through. If you are unable to make it for the final walk-through, you are voiding our 48-hour guarantee. Refunds: We do not offer refunds on services that already have been completed. However, if we receive prompt notification within 48 hours after the service was complete, we will examine the problem. If the problem involves the quality of service we have rendered, we pledge to correct the issue at no extra charge. If you have purchased a one-time or initial service, we can only guarantee that a Service Professional will stay for the estimated amount of time that you paid. If your home requires more attention and we are given a time limit on your home, then we cannot guarantee everything on the cleaning package will be done to your standards in the estimated amount of time given. Therefore, if the problem involves the time needed to complete the service, rather than the quality of the service itself, we can only correct the problem if you purchase additional time. If we do not receive notice of a problem within 48 hours of the service, or if you decide to correct the problem yourself, we will not be able to fix the problem for you nor will you be compensated for your inconvenience. Payment Policy: We charge a 4% transaction fee on Visa, Mastercard, and Discover cards and a 7% transaction fee on AmericanExpress cards. You are more than welcome to pay with cash (not check) the day of service to avoid the transaction fee. We will put a hold on your card for the entire estimated amount at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled service to confirm payment. The hold will be released if you’re paying with cash. If you’re not paying with cash, we will charge the transaction fee with the hold. A receipt for the services performed will be sent to you via email. We cover the taxes on all of the services that we provide, but we as business owners are charged 8% for every transaction on Visa, MasterCard, or Discover cards and 13% for every transaction on AmericanExpress cards. If your credit card fails to hold for the scheduled amount, we will do everything we can to contact you via phone, email, and text. If we are unsuccessful in trying to reach you by 5:00 p.m. CST the day before your scheduled service, we will cancel your booking and the cancellation will be considered a same-day cancel. Cancellation Policy: Please email us at, at least 72 hours prior to your scheduled service during business hours (8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.) excluding weekends and holidays. If a booking is rescheduled/canceled less than 72 hours in advance, a 50% cancellation fee of the scheduled service cost will be charged. Example of skipping a recurring cleaning: If you are a Weekly client and would like to skip the week of your scheduled service, your next scheduled cleaning will be at the Bi-Weekly rate. After that, you will be charged your original Weekly rate (depending on how many weeks you skip). Same-Day Cancellation / Lock-Out Policy: If you cancel the day of service or if your Service Professional is unable to enter the property, there will be a cancellation fee of 100% of your scheduled service cost. Delay in Access: If we are locked out of your home, our Service Professionals will try and reach you via call and text and the office will try and reach you via call, text, and email. We will only wait for your response for 15 minutes. If we do not receive a response from you, we will leave. We charge from arrival to departure in 15-minute increments. If we do receive a response from you within 15 minutes, the time that we wait to access your home will be counted towards the scheduled service time. If you are charged a cancellation fee, we will not refund you nor credit your account the cancellation fee if you want to reschedule for a different day. Please understand that unlike other industries such as retail, hairdressers, etc. we in the cleaning industry do not have the luxury of walk-in customers to supplement our schedules when a client cancels without enough notice. When we schedule your booking, we reserve that time for you. We must adhere strictly to this policy to prevent lost wages for your Service Professionals. Remember, we reserve the time for you and your Service Professionals are looking forward to the scheduled hours. Cancellations cost them dearly, and we find that if they lose out too often, they quit. You are vital in helping us to retain our excellent staff. We understand that you do not want to see strangers every time we come to visit, and we don’t want to have a continual revolving door of new hires either. No payment/No clean policy: Payment is expected in full the day of service. For your convenience, we will use your credit card on your account for your backup payment. If your card on file declines, we will reach out to you via phone call and email for a valid credit/debit card. If we cannot get ahold of you within 15 minutes, this situation is considered a same-day cancel. Same-day cancellation fees have to be paid in full before scheduling additional appointments. Otherwise, you will be removed entirely from our schedule. Late Fee: If your account is paid more than 10 days late for any reason, we charge an automatic $40 administration fee and interest will start accruing after 28 days at the rate of one and a half percent (1.5%) per month and twelve percent (12%) per annum and any other associated collection fees on all overdue amounts. Dynamic Duo Cleaning reserves all rights available under Minnesota law to collect any amounts due and owing under this agreement. Returned Check Fee: Returned checks are subject to a $35 processing fee, and a late payment fee of $25 Any check returned from your bank will be assessed an additional fee of $35, if made right within three days of notification. Checks not made right within three days are subject to a fine of up to 5 times the value of the check + legal and/or collection fees. Credit Card Chargebacks: You agree that you will not chargeback any credit card or debit card payments made to Dynamic Duo Cleaning for any reason. You must notify Dynamic Duo Cleaning in writing via email of any item in dispute within 48 hours of service completion/delivery date. Dynamic Duo Cleaning will make all attempts to validate your dispute in accordance with company policy, guidelines, rules or management discretion. If Dynamic Duo Cleaning accepts the claim, it will issue a credit back to your Dynamic Duo Cleaning account or credit your card back for the accepted claim and accepted claim amount. Dynamic Duo Cleaning has the sole discretion to accept any customer dispute claim. Under the terms of service agreement with Dynamic Duo Cleaning, you accept waiving your credit card chargeback rights for any disputes surrounding the services charged by Dynamic Duo Cleaning. This terms of service agreement herein you also authorize your credit card company or debit card bank and/or Dynamic Duo Cleaning to reverse any chargebacks made by you the cardholder or account holder at any-time as part of your chargeback waiver. At any time, you may contact Dynamic Duo Cleaning or go online to your account and remove your credit card or debit on file as your form of payment. If you decide to file a dispute with your credit card for a service we provided or any applicable fees within our service agreement and a chargeback is successful, we will pursue the matter in small claims court which will include the fee, plus court costs, and all other time-related expenses. Health Matters: If you or anyone in your household is sick or has a contagious illness, please let us know at least 48 hours before your scheduled service so that we can take precautions or choose to re-schedule your job. Please note that due to health reasons, we do not clean up blood, vomit, and feces. Loss or Breakage: Dynamic Duo Cleaning is fully insured, and we provide Worker’s Compensation for all of Our Service Professionals, well beyond the minimum amounts purchased by many house cleaning companies. PLEASE BE ADVISED WE ASSUME NO LIABILITY FOR DAMAGE OR LOSS OF ITEMS THAT ARE NOT SECURED PROPERLY, OR THAT WERE DAMAGED BEFORE OUR SERVICE. (Example: Antiques, heirlooms, heavy pictures not adequately hung, floating shelves not properly secured, etc.) Curio or nick-knack items of extreme value, (monetary or sentimental) should be stored in a case behind glass or dusted & cleaned by the owner. All surfaces (i.e., Marble, granite, hardwood floors, etc.) are assumed to be correctly sealed and ready to clean without causing harm when common cleansers are used. Ask our office for details on insurance limits. If you have any antiques/heirlooms: We stress to clients that we are careful, but the fragility of those fabrics, woods, threads, etc., make cleaning them a risk. If they want us to clean them, they assume the risk. We need to be able to work freely and without distractions. Every effort is made to work safely and cautiously, but we cannot assume liability for the safety of others while servicing your home including children and pets. Be advised that if we are subject to distractions that affect our ability to work in our usual fashion or speed, we reserve the right to charge for our extra time spent in the home. If for any reason an employee of Dynamic Duo Cleaning feels that their safety is in danger enough to leave the job site due to your home or business being in unsafe conditions or due to actions made by the client, a pet, guests of the client’s, or others at the job site, Dynamic Duo Cleaning’s client will remain liable for the full cost of the service purchased. Although we are professionals, we are not miracle workers. Sometimes we are called in too late to correct the damage that is already complete to some surfaces. Other areas/items may take a couple of cleanings to look their very best. In cases of extremely cluttered areas or surfaces, we reserve the right to use our prerogative to skip those areas to avoid damaging items or hurting ourselves. No Solicitation Agreement: When agreeing to services with Dynamic Duo Cleaning you are agreeing not to solicit for hire any staff member introduced to you by Dynamic Duo Cleaning for any related services. If you are found to have solicited one of our staff, please be advised that our referral/training fee is $2,500 payable to Dynamic Duo Cleaning immediately upon employing our staff for any services to your home/business. Your Service Professional will be terminated immediately from our employment as they will also be in breach of their own non-solicitation agreement. No representation or warranty made by any other person working for Dynamic Duo Cleaning expressed or implied other than the company owner – Diane and Steve Rohde, which is not specifically set forth herein, shall be binding upon Dynamic Duo Cleaning. Dynamic Duo Cleaning reserves the right to re-evaluate rates and/or change the Service Agreement &/or policies at any time. Dynamic Duo Cleaning does not allow its employees to take any item(s) of any nature from a client’s home without first having written permission for our office records. This is done for your protection as well as ours. If you choose to give your Service Professional something (a lamp for example) that you no longer need, please protect them by also sending a note to the office that states that you gave them the item to prevent our staff from receiving reprimands or being terminated. YOUR HOME – OUR WORKPLACE OSHA requires employers to ensure the safety of all employees in the work environment. In following these requirements, we ask your assistance in helping our staff to have the following as required by OSHA * Appropriate footwear is expected to be worn at all times where there is a risk of foot injuries from hot, wet, slippery, corrosive, poisonous substances, falling objects, crushing or penetrating actions. Shoes should be enclosed and have non-slip soles. * Protective gloves, aprons, shields, or other means of protection are provided and required if the employee has potential to be cut or has reasonably anticipated exposure to corrosive liquids, chemicals, blood or other potentially infectious materials. * Making sure that rooms are well ventilated so that the employee can avoid working with strong chemicals in poorly ventilated rooms. * Maintaining a proper temperature in the home/workplace. OSHA recommends temperature control in the range of 68-76 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity control in the range of 20%-60%. * Rest periods- every employee is entitled to 10 minutes of rest time per every four (4) hours or significant fraction thereof. This is paid time.

Carpet and upholstery preparation is not hard and these little tips can save you a lot of extra work! Most of the time it’s a lot less than what the customer thinks they should do. They over prepare 7 out of 10 times. We know that you really want to get the best steam-cleaning you can. This is why you go to the extremes and might “over-do it” when you are preparing for carpet steam-cleaning. We want you to have the best experience with the least amount of inconvenience. To accomplish this goal, we need your help in doing a little preparation for your cleaning visit…

  • Thoroughly vacuum the areas/pieces requested for steam-cleaning before we arrive, if possible. This includes using a crevice tool on your upholstery and/or along with the trim work of the carpet. Vacuuming before a professional steam-cleaning will remove 40% of soil and dust and so the results of your steam-cleaning will be better. Any steam-cleaning with dirt and dust embedded in the carpet will damage the fibers and the top layer. If you are unable to vacuum before we arrive, give us a call at 952-236-4357 or email us at to add on vacuuming service.
  • Remove breakable items such as tabletop lamps and brick‐a‐brack during the cleaning process. Our liability insurance does not allow us to handle these items or to move furniture with breakables in place.
  • Remove as many small pieces of furniture as possible, such as dining chairs, ottomans, and small tables from the areas you plan to have us clean.
  • Your technician will be glad to help move light furniture at no extra charge, such as dining room chairs. Your cooperation helps us do a better job for you. We also would appreciate the floors to be free of personal items, toys, books, etc.
  • Please let your family pets know that our technicians will not bite! We would appreciate mutual consideration! Pets need to be secured or gated away from the area to be serviced. We accept no responsibility for pets getting loose; as your door will be open (to allow for hoses) during your cleaning. We will not enter your home if no one is present and dogs are loose. Please make arrangements for your pets prior to our arrival.
  • Secure floor length draperies on the windowsill or drapery rod using hangers. This procedure prevents the fabric from directly contacting damp carpets during cleaning and drying, kindly perform this function prior to our arrival.

Exceptions to these steps would be different if you have animal urine that is being removed. To make it very clear and without confusion. Please make sure all areas of animal urine are cleared with at least a two-foot radius. We might need larger areas for different methods of exaction. When Dynamic Duo Cleaning arrives at your house we will help with the details of preparing for carpet cleaning with animal urine. We give it our approval to make sure your items are safe and dry. During the pre‐cleaning inspection, please tell our technician about any cleaning concerns that you may have, particularly those regarding pet spots or stains. If possible, tell the technician what caused the stain or spot. The cleaning technician assigned to your job is trained in specialized spotting procedures. He or she can evaluate spots and make appropriate recommendations. What’s Included In Our Steam-Cleaning: We use the most advanced hot water extraction (steam-cleaning) with Pre-Treatment of General Soiled Areas and Deodorizer Applied. We provide Eco-Green® product which is soap-free leaving behind absolutely no residue! The unique low flow technology in our powerful cleaning machine leaves your carpet ready for use in at least 24 hours. Extra Cleaning

  • Excessive build-up of dirt and grime – If your carpet/upholstery has not been well-maintained and/or it has not been professionally steam-cleaned in at least 1 year, we will charge you our hourly rate for the extra amount of hours spent cleaning your carpet/upholstery.
  • Spot Treatment – We offer many different treatments for stains. Your Carpet Technician will look at the stain to determine which Spot Treatment solution will work best to remove or reduce the appearance of the stain. The more we know about how long the stain has been sitting, what type of stain it is, and how it got there, will help us determine which solution will work best.
  • Pet Enzyme Urine Treatment W/ UV Light & Deodorizer – You can learn more about our Pet Enzyme Urine Treatment here.
  • Stain Guard by Maxim™ Advanced for Better Protection – You can learn more about our Stain Guard here.

Pricing We are always happy to add-on vacuuming of carpets for $15 per room up to 150 sq ft. Any additional sq ft. beyond the estimate is .30¢ per sq ft., Added rooms are $45 up to 150 sq ft., hallways are $15 each, walk-in closets $15 each, steps are $2.50 each, and landings are $7.50 each. Any additional sq ft. beyond the estimate for UV Light with Pet Enzyme Treatment is .20¢ per square foot, added rooms are $30 up to 150 sq ft., hallways are $15 each, walk-in closets $15 each, steps are $2.50 each, and landings are $7.50 each. Terms of Service We cannot guarantee the complete removal of Coffee, Wine, Blood, Urine, Rust, Ink, Grease, Makeup, Gum, Kool-Aid, Soda, Mud, Wax, etc. Due to the various degrees of urine saturation, the time span that the urine has been in the carpet and past treatments by other cleaners we cannot guarantee Urine Removal 100%. We will however if you feel there is still an odor after we have cleaned, we will come back and inspect with our black light to see if there are any spots that may have wicked up and we will treat and clean that area for half price, just call us back within 48-hours of cleaning. We offer a 48-hour guarantee after your final walk-through. If we must return after our guarantee has expired, there is a $99 minimum trip fee which covers up to 300 sq ft. of carpet and does not include our extra services outside of Pre-Treatment Of General Soiled Areas, Super-Heated Steam-Cleaning, & Deodorizer Applied.