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Choosing Dynamic Duo Cleaning & Organizing is a guaranteed way to have a stress-free packing and unpacking process. We provide professional packing and unpacking service in Burnsville, Eden Prairie and Edina. Services available in surrounding communities. We understand your items are very valuable to you, and we take great pride and care whether we are packing and shipping large bulk items, or expensive glassware. Our full suite of services ensures you are taken care of every step of the way, hands free.

A completely done for you service provided by Dynamic Duo Cleaning. Packing is usually mentally and physically exhausting. You’d rather not worry about packing at all. We will send a team of experienced packers to your home to pack up the attic to the basement. Of course, we will leave out any items you’ll need on the night before moving, and quickly pack those up on move day.

Would you rather pack most of your valuables on your own? We understand you may have your most valued items during your move, and we can handle the heavier or less expensive items if you choose. Perhaps you’d just like us to tackle a large collection of breakables or just work on preparing storage areas for the move – we’re happy to.

Now your packages have arrived, and you are left with the arduous task of unpacking everything you just packed and moved. Ugh, fear not, we are professional and quick. Save your mind and body the hassle and aggravation of fumbling through boxes. Moving day just got a lot easier.

Full Professional Packing/Unpacking Service

We can provide you with full service packing and unpacking service that takes care of everything from packing and wrapping to unpacking and arranging.

Our packing specialists will decide on how best to handle the most valuable things, for example, any fragile items, valuable items, artwork and jewelry. One thing to keep in mind is that we will not bear the responsibility of any items packed by you.

Hence, by choosing us as your professional packing service, you can have your items packed in much less time and you can count on the total protection and safety of your goods. If you’re on a tight budget and cannot afford a full packing package, then you can always opt to choose a limited packing package for only your fragile items and other valuable goods. This keeps you free from anxiety about the cost of the move and worry-free about your valuables being damaged. You can also make your move simpler by hiring us to unpack your things.

Clients always ask us who they can go through for packing supplies and we always refer since boxes can be shipped to your doorstep in just a couple days and at an affordable price.

A typical team of two Packing Professionals or 1 Packing Assistant and 1 Client (2 people) could pack up your 2,000-square-foot home in about a day.

Packing is probably the most stressful and back-breaking part of the move. Let Dynamic Duo eliminate a lot of that work, if not all of it. In fact, we usually need only a few hours to accomplish the job.  You alone can do in 2-3 days. What it really depends on is how large the home is, as well as the quantity of things in it, what kind of things we have to pack and also how swiftly we can do the work.

The following  chart that estimates the amount of time it would take to pack up a house based on the approximate size of the house in square feet. These numbers are based on assuming there are at least 2 packing professionals packing and that they pack the entire time, straight through without stopping. Of course, very few packing professionals will pack for upwards of 12 consecutive hours without stopping, so the time it might take us to pack will have to be adjusted for breaks.



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Once you’ve hired us to handle your packing and unpacking, you may be required to submit to us a list of items in your house that you are going to need to have packed. If not, it’s always a good idea to create this list anyway, as it will be a great help to us when it comes to us packing up your house and it will also serve to speed up the process quite considerably, as we will have a definitive packing inventory in front of us that we can reference while we pack and plan ahead for what will need to be packed together and in which room.

Creating a packing inventory list is as simple as writing out the items in your house that need to be packed. You might decide to have only one room packed or your entire household worth of goods. Whatever you choose, make sure your inventory is thorough and complete and that it includes which items are in which rooms so that we can game-plan prior to the move and assign different rooms to be packed in a certain order.

Packing in an orderly fashion is an efficient way to pack and certain rooms generally take priority over others. For us, packing the most difficult items first is an effective strategy for expediting the packing process.

  • Kitchen, smallest items
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Main living room area
  • Biggest items, furniture, heavy items

When it comes to which boxes you should use for your move, it’s always best to go with standard moving boxes. Getting all of your boxes in the same size and shape will allow them to be stacked nice and easily inside the moving truck, thus minimizing the risk of them toppling over during the move and damaging your items inside.

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