Organize Your Home Office and Finally Get Work Done

June 16, 2018

Organize Your Home Office and Finally Get Work Done

People who work from home have a few more challenges than people who work in a traditional office setting do.

It’s so easy to be distracted by dirty dishes or a room that needs to be tidied. It’s also common to get carried away playing with the kids and forgetting all about that 2 pm meeting.

The home office can become a dumping ground for any manner of things, causing still more distractions.

Everyone needs to be a productive worker, and these nuisances can become a serious problem if they are not properly dealt with. We can’t help you say no to one more tea party with your kid, but we can offer home office organization ideas some and how to keep it that way.


One major problem in the home office is clutter build-up. You need to find a way to keep your workspace separate from your little one’s play area.

Take a minute removing stuff that doesn’t belong in the room and finds it a proper place elsewhere in the home.

Go through the remaining things and decide what you need to keep in the space and what is unnecessary.  Remove any items you don’t need in the office without hesitation.


Chances are your work isn’t the only thing being done in the office. Perhaps you pay your bills and do your taxes in this area as well.

You should, though, create a separation between work and home.

Perhaps you can color code your filing system so that you know which things pertain to work and which relate to your personal life. Consider purchasing separate filing cabinets for this purpose if color-coding is too much to handle.


You can designate specific areas throughout the space to function in specific ways. No one says your printer must sit on your desk. If it can function well elsewhere, move it to free up desk space. Maybe you have a cabinet on which the printer can sit, with a drawer for paper and ink.

Make separate areas for your mail. One box for incoming mail and one for outgoing mail. Designate an area for work mail and household mail as well. Use a system that works well for you.

Create an area in a drawer or cabinet to house all your small office supplies as well. You can place all your extra pens, paper clips, sticky notes and other supplies in this area so that they are neatly contained.  

If you don’t have a lot of space for different areas, use baskets to store things.

Keep It Tidy

In addition to organizing the area, it is essential to keep it clean so that you can function well. Spend time dusting the cabinets, cleaning the desk and keeping the floors regularly swept. You can also add a home office organization checklist to stay organized.

Cleaning Service

If you spend too much time in your home office for your liking, it can be difficult to make the extra time to clean it. If you’re a busy self-employed person, using a house cleaning service can be a legitimate tax-deductible expense!

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