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No Car? Six Unique Ideas to Make Use of Your Garage

August 16, 2018

No Car Six Unique Ideas to Make Use of Your Garage

While many people use their garage to park their cars and store infrequently used items, there are other ways you may want to consider using the space.

Don’t waste this space by using it only as a storage room! If you want to know more about the alternative use of your garage, keep on reading!

Here are some alternative garage upgrade ideas to make use of your garage!


1. Playroom

If you want an area where your kids can make noise and play instruments without disrupting the rest of the household, send them to the garage and let them have a party! Just make a couple of simple changes like adding bookshelves, cubbies or storage for toys and games.

You can also use a large, cushioned rug or two, or set the scene for a young garageband and let your kids’ imaginations run wild.

2. Craft Room

If you’re thinking of an area to spread out all your craft projects, you may want to consider using your garage. There are loads of different garage storage systems that can help you organize and store your artistic supplies such as slat boards and overhead storage systems for large items.

3. Work Space

Consider transforming your garage into a home office. You don’t have to be a woodworker to use your garage as a workspace. With desks and tables, you can transform your garage into any workplace.

If you plan on having other people in the space, you may need to convert the area ultimately.  To create a more professional appearance, consider replacing your doors with glass panes so you can also let extra light in.

4. Movie Room

Have your movie theater in your garage. This DIY could be a grand addition to your home and enjoy a movie marathon with your family or friends. Create the best home theater you can and get a large, wall-mounted TV or projector and an excellent sound system.

Add a soft rug to ensure those who are standing are comfortable, and with a plush comfy chair, it will make you feel like you’re in a movie theater. To create a warm environment, you can add bonus features like soundproofing or insulate your walls.

5. Home Gym

Say goodbye to that gym membership and say hello to your garage gym!. Many people consider putting in home gyms in their attics and basements, but few may turn to the garage as the perfect set up for an extensive home gym.

It has lots of space, although you may need to restructure the floor and walls to support equipment. Nevertheless, it’s worth it so that you can workout at any time of day without leaving your home.  

Also, place rubber mats over the floors for cushion and set up weight racks along the walls. Make use of overhead storage in small spaces, lifting and lowering pieces of equipment as you need them to keep more machines in use easily. Keep towels and supplies in a cupboard you can add.

6. Man Cave

One of the most natural conversions for your garage is a man cave. It doesn’t need that much to become one. You can add some chairs, a sofa, and an entertainment system. The rest are luxuries: a poker table, fridge or minibar, video games, even installing a bathroom.

If you need extra space in your home and you aren’t currently using your garage, consider converting it to one of these garage organization tips and tricks. Then hire a trusted and professional house cleaning service to help you clean your garage and add a lot of value to your house and lifestyle.


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