What is your 100% satisfaction guarantee policy?

April 15, 2015


Dynamic Duo Cleaning strives to provide unsurpassed excellence in all of our offered services for our clients. If you are unhappy with any service that we provided, you are required to notify us within 48 hours of service for us to address and correct the problem.

If we receive prompt notification, we will come back to examine the problem. If the problem involves the quality of service we have provided, we pledge to correct the problem at no charge.

If we do not receive notice of a problem within 48 hours of the service, or if you decide to correct the problem yourself, we will not be able to fix the problem for you nor will you be compensated for your inconvenience.

If you have purchased an hourly service, we can only guarantee that a service pro will stay for the specified amount of time. We may not be able to complete all tasks if time runs short. Therefore, if the problem involves the time needed to complete the service rather than the quality of the service itself, we can only correct the problem if you purchase additional time.


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