Smoke Odor Removal Services

Years of smoking makes walls and surroundings blemished whereas a filthy odor is developed.  Professional smoke odor removal services are essential to make sure that you do not get affected by the harmful tobacco residues and odors.

It is important to maintain the air quality of any property.  Because the unpleasant odors can have a negative effect on the comfort and the value of any place.  Our highly-effective smoke odor removal services eliminate any problem by taking care of its source.


Removing smoke odor and tobacco residue is a tedious task. This is because a large area is affected due to the smoke.  There is no magic trick to simply whisk away the smell.  You may think that a simple air freshener can work. However, this temporary solution can pose amplified health risks.  Even fresh paint does not cover the smell for long.

At Dynamic Duo we provide you with professional smoke odor removal services. We achieve this by thoroughly cleaning and then sealing all surfaces.

  1. Our restoration cleaners remove the smoke odor by cleaning all surfaces.
  2. This also includes the use of deodorizing agents that aid to eliminate every tiny particle.
  3. We use specialized equipment to remove the odor that is inaccessible to professionals.
  4. We then seal the surfaces through a special product. This product is specifically designed to make sure that any remaining smoke residue is sealed for odor and stains.
  5. The last step to paint the surfaces with a fresh coat.

Hire the professional services of Dynamic Duo for tobacco and smoke odor removal. We provide with proper sanitation, cleaning, and deodorization of all surfaces.

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