Janitorial Services


The Dynamic Duo provides you with professional commercial janitorial services. Our services encompass industrial areas, educational facilities, regular maintenance, and professional janitorial services. Our Pro Professionals and Cleaners are trained through quality control training to make sure you get a sparkling clean office all day, every day.

Scheduled Cleaning
Dynamic Duo Commercial Janitorial Services will ensure that all of the required areas are cleaned and ready for business on time. As soon as you start your work, our service professionals will keep a check to make sure that the areas are cleaned and re-cleaned.

Windows Cleaning
Our services include cleaning the windows and glass surfaces. This allows you to work through a premise without any smudges and ugly marks on the tabletops of windows.

Clean and Sanitized Toilets
Commercial Buildings and offices usually have many employees and a dirty toilet is inevitable. Unless and until it is cleaned periodically on a daily basis. Our cleaners make sure that the trash bins are emptied on time and other supplies are kept in check.

Spotless Floors
Every day your floors and carpets experience heavy foot traffic that makes wear and tear inevitable. In short, your floors and carpets have to be regularly cleaned to increase their life. Our professional team properly clean and sanitize the floors. Whereas, the carpets are vacuumed.

It is essential to understand the significance of professional janitorial services for commercial offices and buildings. It is through professional knowledge, cleaning equipment approved cleaning supplies, and training that a workplace can be kept clean and sanitized. At Dynamic Duo Commercial Janitorial Services, we don’t only keep your business place clean. We also provide you with a happy and healthy work environment.

Hire us today for a clean office and peace of mind!

Your office is your home away from home, where you spend countless hours. We understand that in order to build a successful business you need to maintain your focus on the team and the preservation of assets. In order to maintain a professional image, it is essential to have an efficient, clean, and organized office is Proper commercial cleaning is not a luxury but an important feature of a successful enterprise. At Dynamic Duo, we offer you commercial cleaning services that are both convenient and flexible. These, along with customized packages catering to your varying needs.

At Dynamic Duo, we offer professional commercial cleaning services for
● Office Buildings
● Meetings Rooms
● Theaters
● Studios including Gym, Dance, and Art
● Medical Office Spaces
● School Premises
● Daycare Facilities
● Bank Offices
● Call Centers
● Tenant buildings

Choose from different packages and select the ones that fit best for your needs.

Our economy package entails the basic janitorial tasks. This package is best if you need regular cleaning of your commercial building or office and Ideal for the spaces that have been deep cleaned within the past 30 days.

Our Deluxe Commercial Cleaning Package is best to start with because we understand that your commercial space or office requires a thorough cleanup. Furthermore, one of the highlights of a deluxe cleaning package is the cleanup for windows, carpets, boardrooms, and even elevators. This is why we strongly suggest getting deluxe commercial cleaning for the first booking and then every quarter; regularly.

As a business owner, you need to make sure that you always leave a lasting impression. Boardrooms/offices are places where you spend countless hours with your team and third parties. we make sure that every time you step into your boardroom/office you are welcomed by a clean, fragrant, and welcoming space.

At an office or a commercial space, no one has the time to take kitchen responsibility. However, almost every employee uses the kitchen several times a day. Let your employees focus on the work and leave the cleaning duty to the professionals. Sparkling appliances and germ-free countertops, we will thoroughly clean your kitchen for you.

We know it’s important to have a bathroom area sparkling clean, smelling fresh and organized. That is just what Dynamic Duo guarantees! In our deluxe clean, we remove heavy buildup of calcium, lime, and rust in toilet bowls.

Specific services completed in each space:
Kitchen, breakroom, restroom
A clean and sanitized washroom is a must in any working environment to ensure safety and reduce the risk of spreading germs. The same thing goes for a kitchen or break room where employees eat. It is imperative that this space be clean and sanitary even if no food preparation is done there.
● We Stock toilet tissue, hand towels, facial tissues, and hand soap.
● Empty waste receptacles, wipe if needed.
● Clean and polish mirrors
● Wipe hand towel dispensers/hand dryers
● Wipe down doors and sills – remove all dust and prints
● Clean and sanitize all sinks.
● Dust partitions, tops of mirrors, frames
● Remove splash marks from walls, partitions around basins
● Mop clean restroom and kitchen floors with disinfectant
● Remove garbage from all areas
● Polish all brass and brightwork
● Vacuum and mop all hard floors
● Spot clean internal glass indoors
● Toilets and urinals cleaned, disinfected, sanitized
● Clean Vents
● Replenish restroom products

Cubicles, offices, conference rooms
Maintaining a clean office area and cubicles is important for the employees.
● Dust and wipe desks, chairs
● Wipe cabinets and shelves
● Vacuum, sweep carpets, floors
● Wipe, disinfect phones
● Dust computers, keyboards at the desk
● Wipe window sills
● Cleaning, wiping disinfect touchpoints
● Cleaning glass
● Empty trash receptacle replace lines when required

Entry desk, lobby, and reception areas
First impression counts! A clean lobby, reception and desk will leave a positive impression to anyone who walks in.
● Empty waste receptacles and replace liners.
● Vacuum all carpets and mats
● Sweep, or Vacuum hard floors
● General Dusting
● Mop hard floors with disinfectant
● Remove cobwebs from the front entry and immediate surrounding areas
● Clean glass doors inside and out, remove fingerprints
● Spot clean walls and painted surface
● Collect garbage, papers, bottles etc. from the front entrance
● Arrange magazines
● Clean, sweep elevators and or stairs

Why not complete your cleaning package with these add-ons:
Inside Stove/Oven: $40.00
Inside Refrigerator: $40.00
Interior Windows: $4.00 per inside window.