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We offer Tiles and Grout Cleaning, Stripping and Waxing Floors.

Make your floor as new as before
Since tiles are easy to maintain and hard-wearing, they become the first choice of offices, hotels, and other commercial buildings. Even though wiping the floor makes them appear spotless, the dirt that accumulates in the tiles and the grout does not go away by regular mopping.
That is where Dynamic Duo Tile and Grout Cleaning steps in.

We Use the Latest Cleaning Technology
At Dynamic Duo, the highly trained professional staff uses the latest machinery to wipe away the dirt from your tile and grout, making it as new as before. Our team deals with all kinds of tile flooring and use the safest cleaning techniques to ensure that the floor is restored to its previous shine.

Fast and Thorough Tile Cleaning Services
At Dynamic Duo Cleaning, we try to work around your schedule to ensure that our cleaning process does not hinder your routine. Floors of corporate offices, schools, and other commercial areas tend to get dirty quickly and to provide you with 100 percent satisfaction. Our team works efficiently while ensuring that the job is done correctly.

Waxing and Stripping Floors
Dynamic Duo Cleaning also specializes in commercial waxing and stripping the floor to make it clean and shiny. Our staff cleans all the edges and corners of the floor, with high-quality products, to keep your space presentable.


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