Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

You may think that the regular janitorial staff is sufficient for commercial carpet cleaning services.  However, you are wrong.  Carpet cleaning by the janitorial staff is a short-term solution, especially for offices and commercial buildings. Essentially, because they do not have the professional equipment required for the deep cleaning of carpets.

At Dynamic Duo Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services, we provide you with the necessary experience, skill, and equipment to make sure that the carpets are free of all the in-build dust, and stains.


  • Carpet Techs at Dynamic Duo Cleaning are IICRC certified.
  • We offer Commercial and Residential Cleaning.
  • Extreme Power XPH-9600 for portable steam cleaning (Daimer) are used.
  • We have Truck Mount Power, flexibility, and the power which allows us to handle all kinds of carpet cleaning jobs.
  • Advanced hot water extraction (steam-cleaning)
  • Taking care of you and the environment with Eco-Green products. Which is why we leave absolutely no residues behind.


Keeping the carpets clean and stain free for a longer period of time in a commercial or office environment can be a tedious task.  Therefore, Dynamic Duo Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services provide you with stain protection facility.  Protection is applied to carpets after cleaning them and drying them which creates an invisible shield. Furthermore, this shield around every fiber of the carpet makes sure that the carpet resists accidental stains and soil.  Perfect for places where the carpets have an increased amount of foot traffic or vacuuming.


Dust, food particles, and accidental stains make your workplace upholstery into a home for bacteria. Leading to a shabby looking lounge or conference area.  With commercial upholstery cleaning our professional cleaners provide you with services perfect for a big business. Let us up-cycle your upholstery to make it look brand new.


Dynamic Duo Commercial Upholstery Cleaning uses dedicated techniques such as hot water extraction and hot liquid solution. This, therefore,  helps to remove stains safely, without any damage to the fabric.

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