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A Carpet Cleaning Guide For Red Wine Stains

February 15, 2019

how to remove red wine stains

Red wine is a common thing during the holidays and dinner parties.  We can all agree it can be a lovely thing except when it’s spilled on the carpet.  A delightful dinner party can quickly turn into panic.  Thankfully, Dynamic Duo’s carpet cleaning service has easy to follow tips using household cleaning solutions to get rid of red wine stains.  Please check them out!

Step 1:

With almost any stain, especially red wine stains, blot up as much of it as fast as you can. Work around the outside of the spot towards the middle with a clean, white towel. This will help avoid spreading the stain.

Remember, blot around the spot, do not scrub it.  Scrubbing will spread the spot further.

Step 2:

In a bowl, mix a cup of hydrogen peroxide with about a teaspoon of a colorless dish soap. Wearing gloves, wet a sponge in it, wring it until it’s damp, and then blot the spot.

As before, work around the outside of the spot to the middle. It’s important to regularly rinse out the sponge with water as you work and then re-dampen it with the solution. If you don’t, you’ll end up spreading the wine around.

Repeat until you aren’t pulling up any more wine.

Step 3:

In a bowl, mix a cup of cold water with a couple (2-6) drops of a colorless dish soap. Mix the solution, pour it into a bottle, and spray the stained area until it’s damp. Next, blot the area dry.

Step 4:

Clean out the sprayer and then fill it with warm water. Spray the area until it’s damp. Next, blot the area dry.

Feel the carpet after this to make sure there’s no soapy residue. If there is, repeat this step until the carpet is residue free.

Step 5:

Lay a white towel over the damp area and lay something heavy on top of the treated area. After a few hours, the towel should have absorbed most of the remaining water, so you can remove it.

If the red wine stain is particularly big or has been in the carpet for a while, remember that Dynamic Duo Cleaning is always here to help.

We use the most advanced hot water extraction (steam-cleaning) method with all services we provide, and we use Eco-Green® product which is soap-free leaving behind absolutely no residue.

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