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5 Useful Tips for Your Back-To-School Clothes Shopping

July 31, 2018

5 Useful Tips for Your Back-To-School Clothes Shopping

Your children’s vacation is almost over and another school year is about to start. As parents, you already know what that means, right? The yearly hunt for clothes is on. You’re about to take on a new adventure of back-to-school clothes shopping for school.

To help you out, here are five things that you should keep in mind while you’re at it!


Tip #1. Teach your kids budgeting.

It would be great if you can teach your children the art of budgeting at the earliest age possible. They should know that money is a factor that should be put into consideration when buying clothes. Tell them how much you have allocated for their wardrobe and let them choose within that amount.

Middle and high schoolers will more likely understand this mindset already. Once you encourage them to budget, they will be learning lifelong, valuable lessons.

Tip #2. Take note of the dress codes.

Some schools implement dress codes, so check if the one your children are attending has one. If yes, be sure you understand them before you do your shopping spree.

A lot of schools forbid t-shirts with writing on them, and some don’t allow sandals, hats, crop tops, and short skirts.

In case you don’t, you can make up your own dress rules too! This can be the perfect time for you to teach your child the proper wardrobe for going to school without cracking up their style.

Tip #3. Buy what you only need.

Shift your focus to the clothes that your kids need—shirts, jeans, underwear, and socks. Try to buy only one or two special outfits that your children can’t go without and then you can buy some more later on. Don’t forget to check their cabinets first before going shopping. There still might be some shirts or jeans available for use.

Trends come and go, so the chances are that your kids will come home after days or weeks in school with a different kind of style in mind and would beg you to shop for more.

Tip #4. Don’t avoid brand names.

Of course, while it’s true that clothes are nothing more than superficial, outer trappings and that it’s what’s on the inside that counts, there are also times when choosing between brand names is appropriate. This is most especially essential when you’re working on a budget and need to stick to it.

If there’s a particular brand famous at your children’s school and they beg for it, give in only if you can afford to. You don’t need to cave into each request, but know that wearing the clothes they wanted can boost their self-esteem.

Tip #5. Create a system.

You may want to stock up on underwear, socks, and t-shirts for your children. The only problem is, these items usually look the same that it could get lost in the laundry. To solve this, you can buy socks with different patterns and colors as they will be easy to match.

Various underwear brands also have different colored strips or other markings that will make your laundry sorting much easier. Color code t-shirts and outfit match according to your child so they can put it directly into their drawers pronto!

Remember to keep this back to school clothes shopping list as reasonably short as you can, and don’t forget to have fun with your children too! While you’re away, why don’t you call a professional cleaning service to take care of your home while you do for the kids? It will be total ease for you. Happy shopping!

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